Official website of 16th FINA World Masters Championships 2015 in Kazan

Athletes' Village


The Athletes’ Village is a residential complex, ‘a city within a city’. During the 16th FINA World Masters Championships, the Village will provide housing to athletes and accompanying persons who have booked their accommodation in advance.

Checking into the Athletes’ Village is not allowed without accreditation. All those accompanying athletes, including their children, can be accommodated in the Village if they are accredited as accompanying persons.

Admission to the Village is available through security stations and provided only upon presentation of an accreditation badge.  Access to the venue without an accreditation badge which grants admission to the Village’s premises is prohibited. Entrance to the Athletes’ Village with food, sharp objects and certain chemicals is prohibited. The list of the goods prohibited for bringing into the territory of the Athletes’ Village is given below.


Every building in the Village is equipped with an entrance ramp and an elevator. Please note that the building is designed in such a way that there are different floor levels on the same storeys and no ramp is provided between these levels.


Practically all rooms at the Athletes’ Village offer triple occupancy; however, accommodation in the Village is arranged in accordance with the pre-booking data (single, double and triple occupancy). Therefore, the number of people accommodated in a room depends on a type of booked room and the payment made. Each room has WC and a shower. There are no kitchen facilities in residential buildings. The use of electric appliances in rooms is prohibited.


Breakfast is included in room rate and is provided at the Kazan Tennis Academy located within walking distance. For an extra fee, Masters participants can also be provided with lunches (up to 300 rubles) and dinners (900 rubles). 


Balls and bicycles are available for rent at a rental booth located on the premises of the Athletes’ Village. It is open daily 10:00 – 22:00. Bicycles and balls are provided free upon presentation of an accreditation badge. Sports equipment may be used at the Athletes’ Village only.


The Athletes' Village has everything for а comfortable stay: beauty salon, supermarket, dressmaking and tailoring services, post office, bank, gift shop, and lounge zone.

Please note that booking of accommodation in the Athletes’ Village has been closed since August.