Official website of 16th FINA World Masters Championships 2015 in Kazan

Awarding сeremony


An awarding ceremony is held at a competition venue after each final round.

The top three finishers are awarded with medals during an awarding ceremony. If an athlete cannot be present at the ceremony, he or she can collect the medal in the Protocol Office located at the competition venue where the event was held. The medal can be taken after the awarding ceremony is over (medals are not given out before the awarding ceremony).

Medals for the fourth and lower places are given out in the Protocol Office at the competition venue following the awarding ceremony (after an official protocol is issued). An athlete may receive a medal upon presentation of an accreditation badge and against a signature confirming receipt.

For information:

Only the top six finishers receive medals in the diving and open water swimming events.

Only the top ten finishers receive medals in the swimming events.


Medallists are offered to personalise their medals by having their details (full name, event, place) engraved on them. It’s a paid service and will be provided at the Aquatics Palace from August 10-16. 


Times of the awarding ceremonies are specified in the file below. Please keep in mind that some schedule changes are likely to happen in the course of the competition programme. 

Dates and times of the awarding ceremonies (depending on the type of aquatic sport) are as follows:

The diplomas for the first ten places can be collected in the Protocol Office or picked up at the Sports Information Centre next day.